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Venue Decorators in Manipur

Venue Decorators make our dream weddings a reality! From making the wedding stage to setting up a cosy space to hang out, these people can make your weddings a memorable one! 

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Of recent, the decorators market in Manipur is beaming with lots of new and unconventional ideas which makes Manipuri weddings a grand affair! From floral arrangements, arches, drapes of different kinds, these decorators can give your imagination run wild and makes your hearts swoon in delight! Checkout our list here to find out which would suit you best!

Agru Tent House, Wangkhei

Providing one of the most beautiful wedding decorations services, Agru is very popular in Imphal East. The price range is huge and they are known for their eclectic mix of designs and style.

Arun Enterprises

A seasoned event decorator blending various decorating ideas from across the world, Arun Enterprise has wooed their clients through their hands on services!

Bloom Florist

A seasoned florist, event decorator and an upcoming wedding planner. Bloom florist is one stop shop for all your floral needs. From floral arrangements to

Florence Event Design

A latest addition in the event design and decor sector, Florence Event’s latest outing wooed the young and old alike! The cover both fresh flower decorations as well as work with artificial flowers!

Khura Washang

One of the oldest and first of it’s kind in the Tent house service industry, Khura Washang has remained one of the finest decorators since the 1990’s.

Salt Studio Imphal

Contemporary, an eclectic mix of both traditional and western elements, Salt Studio is has become a favourite event decorator who provides a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs in such a short time.

How do you feel about our collection? We have a few more to be added to this list, till then do let us know how you feel about our list!


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