Salt Studio: wedding planner in Manipur

Wedding Planners in Manipur

Here’s a list of the coolest wedding planners in Manipur! They make your dream weddings come true.

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Are you looking for someone to assist you in planning your dream wedding? Or are you looking for someone to take over all the pains that comes with wedding planning?

We know wedding planning is not a child’s play. With so many rituals, traditions and customs to stick to yet so many to break loose… wedding planning can be a little too overwhelming! But with time, the Manipur Wedding Industry is starting towards a great start! The rise in the number of vendors expanding their expertise in the wedding business and the growth of the wedding planners in recent seasons is a boon for those who are struggling to organise their weddings.

Most often then not, we stumble on the who, where and why! And we are here to share you just that. These planners/ organisers can help you execute the wedding of your dreams.

From setting up the stage for the main event to organising your parties, be it the photo booth you want to make memories in or the perfect return gifts your friends would love, these vendors are offering some very unique services. Scroll down through our list…

Salt Studio Manipur

Salt Studio is an independent creative service studio based in Manipur, India.  A creative solutions company which caters to clients around NE India, the organisation has seen a huge leap in its reach. They have been responsible for some of the most attractive and Instagram-worthy weddings in Manipur. From floral decorations to transportations of wedding guest to catering and return gifts, Salt Studio has been responsible for bringing in some unique flavours to the Manipuri wedding scene.

Mercy Boutique

Mercy Boutique is a One-stop shop for any Christian bride-to-be. From planning to event Management to accessories, the boutique is home to a variety of exclusive materials for Weddings.

Run by the enthusiastic Mercy Hoihte, she established her Boutique in 2011 with a humble beginning with just a few Wedding gowns. But her dedication and hard work paid off and now, her Boutique is known to be one of the largest Christian Wedding Boutique in Manipur and a top Wedding Planner not only in Churachandpur but also in Manipur.

Wedding Planning packages:

Mercy boutique offers three types of packages.

Bronze package- Min 50k and above.

Silver package- Min 80k above.

Platinum package- Min 1.3lac and above

Realms of Reveries

We were smitten by @realm_of_reveries for the first time when Pricilla Hoi posted pictures of her wedding decor which she made/created herself!

Of recent Priscilla and her team planned an epic wedding which became the talk of the town instantly. With an aim to bring together elements of both the local culture and the west, the bride and the decorator wanted a warm, simple yet classy touch to the decor. They used subtle hues of peach and cream to tone down the decor while throwing in details like all-white furniture, hurricane lamps, chandelier, fresh and artificial flowers along with the very English Countryside-looking planters! The combination did turn out to be a class apart!

The very green and colorful photo-booth, the scrumptious dessert bar and of course the furnitures were the highlights!

Find out more about them on their page @realm_of_reveries!


Wedding dress, orchestra, stage decoration, wedding mantap with lights and photography. Leipul promises a comprehensive solution to all your wedding needs. To get a clearer picture of their service you can check out their Facebook page here.

The Wedding Vale

Providing unique Wedding Planning Solutions like Wedding Venues, Photography services, Live Music Performance as well as Creative Invitation cards, this vendor caters to all things weddings. You can contact them through their Facebook page.

This is not the final list. If you think we have missed out on your business, please write to us at

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