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The wood and steel furniture industry in Manipur has a long history. But of recent we have seen a rise in the creative use of the wood and other materials. The growth in demand for better furniture in terms of material, finance and creativity has only given way to various entrepreneurial establishments. However the old and the seasoned ones are giving them a tough competition with refined collections which adhere to the taste of the young!

We have listed a few here.

Kangleipak Interiors

One of the most popular stores in town, Kangleipak Interior is the one-stop-shop for all your interior, decor and furnishing needs. They give you some of the best deals with high-end solid wood as well as compressed wood products.

Touchworth Lifestyles

If you are looking for minimalism; clean lines, elegant colours and creative use of space, this is the place you want to be. They have some of the most gorgeous wardrobes.

Sharma Furnitures

One of the oldest and the most conventional furniture store, the place is famous for their solid wood wardrobe and beds. Their traditional designs and approach to wood owrk is much appreciated and is lauded for their durability in the tropical Manipur weather!

Godrej Interio (Kulabidhu and co.)

A franchise of the Godrej Interio Flagship by the Godrej, the shop has some of the best installation services in town. The furnitures are easy to install and can be moved around easily.

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