Styling the Phanek- Inaphi for a Photoshoot

Pick the outfit you like but be careful about matching the sets of the location to the outfit you wear, which is important for every great shoots.


Styling the traditional phanek-inaphi for a photo-shoot is cumbersome and the least to say not easy! It looks glamorous and fun from the outside but you need the right amount of research and planning! Here are few helpful tips to get you going:

Before you plan your wedding photo shoot:

Pick a Location Carefully

Rashingam Ngoruh Photography

Picking the location means researching about the color that surrounds the area, the aesthetics of that environment, where the sun and your shadow falls, what time exactly is the golden hour, how the weather is going to be like on that day. Or you can choose one of the locations we have listed out here!

Picking the Outfit

Rashingam Ngoruh Photography

Pick the outfit you like but be careful about matching the sets of the location to the outfit you wear, which is important for every great shoots. If you are going for open blue sky and greenery around, go for tones in yellow, orange, magenta. Choose bright colours that compliments the colour of the sky and the grass.

Keep a check on the weather forecast if it’s going to a sunny bright day.

Your Hair

Wedding Photo shoot at Andro Park
The green backdrop always adds to the romance. Pic by Epic Films Imphal

Keep a nice elegant bun to keep the sweat away while shooting and if it’s a gloomy breezy day keep hair open straight or curled and play around with the direction of the wind.


A Post-wedding Shoot at the Loktak Lake

You can always keep changing lip colour to match the sets if you are not changing the entire outfit. Lipstick may look like a minor thing but trust me every detail matters in the final outcome.

Matching with your Partner

Wedding shoot at the Loktak Lake
With the majestic Loktak Lake as the backdrop!

Matching your outfit color with your men is also very important, most grooms goes for white kurta pyjama or a suit. While there isn’t much to do in case of white as white looks good with everything, if he opts for coloured kurtas or suits make him wear pastel kurtas, pastels in shades of peach, lavender, orange, mint blush, blue works well.

Now, Styling the Phanek and Inaphi!

If you have read my previous post on Styling the Meitei Traditional Attire for Manipuri Weddings, then you must have got some idea on color combinations and makeup and jewelry! Here are some basic styling tips you can follow for your photo-shoot!

  • As mentioned in my previous post, the color combinations are most important in our traditional attire

  • If the blouse is backless or has deep cut follow the traditional way of draping it around the shoulder

Jesh Kh wearing a Mantri Koijam
  • If you want the blouse with full/ quarter sleeves, make it a boat neck or deep cut.

  • If the blouse is halter neck or high neck I would recommend to drape the Inaphi in half saree and hang it on your shoulder because you don’t want the neck area to look too stuffy.

styling the inaphi-phanek

  • The blouse and Inaphi need not be of the same color, pick the colors given below and contrast it in a beautiful way

color wheel

  • The colour of the outfit complimenting the makeup is very very important on photo-shoots as well as day of the ceremony.

styling the inaphi-phanek

  • If your height is below 5’3 wear the Phanek slightly above the ankle to give an illusion of height.


Also check out these color combinations that cannot go wrong.

Color Combos for Inaphi and Phanek

Be Bold, Trust your gut instinct and leave me a message if you have any queries!

Rashingam Ngoruh Photography


Picture Credit: We are thankful to Rashingam, Epic Films, Doney Sanasam, Perfect Blend and Micheal Nongthombam for the lovely pictures!

The author Jennifer Wangkhem is a Fashion Stylist. She will be regularly contributing to on Fashion, Styling and if you have any queries, you can leave her a message here or on her Instagram account.

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