Styling the Manipuri Attire

Styling the Meitei Traditional Attire for Manipuri Weddings

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Styling the phanek and inaphi is unfortunately one of the toughest things for most of us. However the beauty and the exclusiveness of the Meitei Traditional attire makes it one of the most beautiful ensemble. Every Wedding Season bring a sensation of strong emotion and an aura to the family and environment. It’s not only special for the bride but for everyone involved. And looking good in every event or occasion is inevitably the priority! 😉

At ManipuriWeddings, we are constantly trying help you with tips and tricks on styling, fashion and here are few things you need to know about Styling the Meitei traditional attire!

Silhouette isn’t the Focus

Our traditional attire flatters every body type so there isn’t much to worry about the silhouette. You just need to know how to carry the Inaphi! Although, if you are going for a photo-shoot, check out my post on how to enhance your features!

Inaphi Phanek Combination/ Styling

Color Swatch Manipuri dress

Color Swatch Manipuri dress

The color combination of the Phanek and Inaphi is the tricky part! There are a lot of colors to play around with and I say let’s drop the idea of playing safe and look different and spectacular instead. Take bold color and pair them up!

Rules of Proportion

Applying the rules of proportion again Phanek already covers half the body so its important to show a bit of your feet to bring the right ratio.

Right Shoes: no pumps please!

Then comes the right shoe colour or design. I recommend an open strappy heels. It comes in various design and colour. Wearing a pump toe or peep toe creates a bad illusion.

Eye Makeup and Lip Color

Don’t keep both your eye makeup or lip color too loud. For example choosing a pink eyeshadow and red lip colour is always a no no! It is okay to have a bright lip colour and a subtle eyeshadow that suits your skin tone. But if I’m going for an orange upper with pink bottom I would go for a nude lip color and slightly smokey eyes!

Don’t try too hard!

Finally never overdo things when it comes to style. You don’t want to look trying to hard! Check out how to co-ordinate colours and style your outfit in my next post.

Looking good or wearing something that makes you feel good no longer just about fashion but a necessity! What you wear on your special day is going to inspire generations to come. So, choose wisely, for you know the shutterbugs are always on the prowl!

The author Jennifer Wangkhem is a Fashion Stylist. She will be regularly contributing to on Fashion, Styling and if you have any queries, you can leave her a message here or on her Instagram account.

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