Men's Shoes for Wedding Manipur

Shoes for Grooms and Groomsmen!

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Someone smart said: “Shoes make an outfit; they are like the rims for a car!” And it’s true for both men or women. And specially when it comes to the D-Day, these shoes for the Grooms or the Groomsmen is what sets the tone of the Wedding! From shoes to be worn with a tux or a three-piece suit to the pheijom and the pyjama kurta, we have listed over 20 shoes to give you a huge array of choice.

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Stylish Men’s Shoe For Christian Grooms and for Wedding Receptions

HATS OFF ACCESSORIES Genuine Leather Wingtip Derby Shoes

AJIO Low-Top Oxford Shoes with Broguing

STELVIO Wing-Tip Derby Shoes with Basket Weave

MONKSTORY Colourblock Toe-Cap Monk Shoes

Brown Groom's Shoe

RED TAPE Genuine Leather Oxford Shoes

Shoes for the Best Men

We know that the best man is as important as the groom on a wedding day! So pick one of these smart and comfy men’s shoe and make an impression!


AJIO Patterned Lace-Up Casual Shoes

AJIO Textured Derby Shoes with Broguing


AJIO Genuine Leather N9-Treated Derby Shoes


PIAFFE Suede Formal Shoes with Lace-Ups

HATS OFF ACCESSORIES Genuine Leather Oxford Shoes with Broguing

CLARKS Bampton Leather Derby Shoes

Men’s Shoe to Pair with Pheijom/ Dhoti

Selecting a pair of Men’s shoe which goes with the Pheijom, Dhoti or Kurta Pyjama is a difficult choice. From matching it with your Kurta to the Lengyan and then your accessories! Phew! But never mind when we are here to spruce you up for that very important Bor-impression! Check out some of these open toe sandals to match with your outfit!

CLARKS Genuine Leather Flip-Flops

AJIO Criss-Cross Strappy Slippers


FUNK Thong-Strap Slippers

STELVIO Smart Casual Toe-Ring Sandals

STELVIO Textured Flip-Flops with Criss-Cross Straps

ESTD.1977 Toe-Ring Flip-Flops with Contrast Panel

FUNK Strappy Sandals with Criss-Cross Toe-Ring

FUNK Thong-Strap Slippers

ESTD.1977 Dual Strap Toe-Ring Flats



SAN FRISSCO Genuine Leather Toe-Ring Slippers


ALBERTO TORRESI Leather Thong-Strap Flip-Flops with Cutout

STELVIO Strappy Toe-Ring Flat Slippers

SAN FRISSCO Genuine Leather Toe-Ring Slippers

DEXTER Slip-On Flat Sandals



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