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Meitei Wedding Trousseau

Wedding are never complete without a customised wedding trousseau. Here’s our list from where you can get the best.

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The wedding trousseau for a Meitei Wedding largely comprise of the silk or cotton inaphi, muga phaneks, muga pheijom, mayek naibis for Kujaba, blouses, tops, etc. etc. The list is endless and the demand is different every new season. Here’s our solution for your wedding needs. Catering to thousands of brides and grooms and also the wedding attendees, these creative houses offer a huge range to select from.

Also, if you are looking for a head to toe customised wedding attire, you might want to get in touch with our favourite designers. Here’s our list:

Our R&D department is still at work and we will be updating more on this! So keep watching this space.

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