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13 Places and Designers for the perfect Bridal Blouse!

Find out the designer store who can stitch you that perfect bridal blouse in Manipur!

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The bridal blouse is one of the most debated item of the wedding trousseau! A set of four- six blouses is a mandatory for every bride and: the where, what, how and who has become an important discussion. Nevertheless, we had our R&D working on it and found these 13 places and designers to get your hands on the best of best bridal blouses.

Maiyon by Taruna, Singjamei

Embroidery and zardozi work at it’s best. Ranging from simple designs to heavy embroidery, Maiyon has a huge range. Do check out their store at Singjamei Mathak Chongtham Leikai.

Pink by Jayshree, Thangmeiband

Be it elegant silhouettes or heavily embroidered blouses and tops, Pink is for you if you are looking for elegance in simplicity. They are also known for their customised comfy dresses, so why not get some honeymoon shopping done as well! 😉

Ningthibee (with Sailex Ngairangbam), Kangjabi

Apart from their extraordinary traditional outfits, Ningthibee is also known as Sailex Ngairangbam’s mom’s shop! Of recent, the feisty designer has delivered some exquisite bridal blouses which became the talk of the town!

Our quip: Do check out his mesmerizing gowns! 😉

The Robert Naorem Studio, Uripok

Well-known designer and MUA Robert Naorem is one of our favourite when it comes to Wedding Trousseau! Dabbling mostly with traditional Indian designs, the embroidery is A-class and the fitting perfect!

Wangkheiphee Mantri by Mantri Koijam, Wangkhei

A Manipuri Bride on her Engagement
The blouse is by Mantri Koijam and the Inaphi is from Ningthibee. PC: Doney S Wedding Photography

Rooted in tradition, Mantri’s blouse designs created with the Moirang motifs woven into silk and cotton fabric became a huge favourite with many other taking inspirations from his work. Delivering some of the best in design, Mantri’s blouses are a must if you want to flaunt your ethnic-lineage.

RJ Boutique, Kangjabi

Popular for their embroidery and appliquĂ© work on net blouses, RJ Boutique has made a name for themselves with their love for details. A popular name in Manipuri Film Industry, this innovative duo is our favourite when it comes to “that perfect fit”!

Ana & Niv, Elangbam Leikai

Ana.Niv Signature Design
PC: Rashingam

The sister duo made a splash with their exclusive bridal collection and there has been no looking back since! We love the minimal yet elegant touch in their work. Do find out more about their bridal packages.

Indrani Ladies Exclusive, Nagamapal

Are you running out of time to get your bridal blouse stitched? Worry not, Indrani Ladies Exclusive has it covered for you. They store some really pretty-looking ready-made blouses which can be purchased right away!

TEM Boutique, Uripok

This designer store for anything bridal is fuss-free and elegant. They have huge collection of fabrics and designs you can choose from. Their studio near Uripok flyover is teeming with ideas and gorgeous bridal product.

Maxwell Yangoijam

Bonita in Maxwell Yangjoijam Bonita in Maxwell Yangjoijam

Maxwell works with silk, sequin, lace, thread and many more, offers styling tips to nail that perfect party or wedding season look! You can contact him through his Instagram page!

Arbin Tonjam


Another upcoming designers who’s been working behind the scenes for some time now! Arbin Tonjam works with lace, appliquĂ©, sequin and his blouses and dresses are always a good fit!

Heepokpi Yaipokpi, Thangmeiband

A rather new store in Thangmeiband, HY is not for bridal blouses! They have everything that you need to look your best! And if you are one, who don’t like spending too much time on matching fabric and style, this could be your place!

Ima Keithel, Khwairamband Bazar

ima-keithel by
Ima-keithel by

If at all you have run out of options and are looking for something for immediate use, we bet the Ima Keithel is one to explore. Although you will need to ramble through the huge pile of blouses, you won’t return empty handed.

The list could go one but we are still exploring our options! If you know of some place you liked and would like to see it featured here do write to us at

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