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Likla Box: the Heijingpot achapot problem solved!

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“Heijingpot ki achapot phajabana Luhongba mapum phahalli” meaning “a wholesome favour box for a Heijingpot makes for a perfect wedding!”

The age-old-tradition of distributing the heijing-kharai stuffed with seasonal fruits and sweetmeat during a heijingpot is invariably the most discussed element of any Manipuri wedding planning. The bride and the groom and everyone else involved in the wedding planning gives a lot of time to perfect this favour box which is going to be the highlight of any wedding. So, we at ManipuriWeddings decided to extend a little helping hand here.

We visited the Likla Bakery at Moirangkhom after seeing this ad on the newspaper which inspired us to do a little digging!

A Likla Ad for Heijingpot and Luhongba

The task was pretty easy. We asked for the Likla Snack Menu which comes with reasonable pricing and a good range of sweet, salty, spicy and juicy choices.

Likla snacks menu copy
The Likla Snack Menu

The best part about the Menu was that there were so many flavours when it came to cookies, muffins and juices. But our favourite is the eggless option which is very important if you are thinking about a generation who are taking up vegetarianism as a way of life.

And to make things smooth and tad easier for you, we decided to make our own permutations and combinations of the snacks which, we think, will make everyone happy!

Likla Heijingpot Box Combinations

The main items in a box is always a combination of sweet and salty. Although people are refraining from sweetmeat, the Likla items are fairly balanced in taste. For example, of the Muffin which comes in FIVE different flavours, the eggless ones are a perfectly soft, fluffy and not very sweet. Just perfect for tea-time. While the salted cookies reminds us of the famous Osmania Biscuit of the Nizams!

While making a box we always, invariably consider either a 5-item box or a 7-item box! A five item combination is preferable if you wouldn’t want to spend too much. However if you are planning to go a little overboard with your favours you could always add a heijing-kharai with fresh fruits and some nuts.

Here’s some of the combos we sorted out. All under Rs. 100/-

  1. Combination of 3 items: Juice, Muffin and Cookies.
  2. Combination of 5 items

Summer Season

Winter Season

Juice, Muffin, Cookies, Sweet Patty and Cardamom Rusk

Juice, Muffin, Dry Cake, Masala Patty and Swiss Roll

  1. Combination of 7 items

Summer Season

Winter Season

Juice, Muffin, Cookies, Sliced Fruit Cake, Cardamom Rusk, Sweet Patty and Dry Cake

Juice, Cookies, Sliced Fruit Cake, Masala Patty, Cardamom Rusk and Muffin

So we did a little calculation as well:

If you are inviting 1000 people and go for the 7 item box will cost you about Rs. 80/-! Or if you opt for the 5- item box then it will cost you Rs. 60/-! All we can say is you can always add a fresh fruit or a fruit basket to make that round figure of Rs. 100/-! And you can go ahead and do the rest of the calculations!

And to top it all is the iconic Likla favour box which comes in two different sizes and two different colours!

The Iconic Likla Box
The Iconic Likla Box: Comes in two different sizes

We think their lip-smacking pastries and appetising desserts could make for a nice dessert bar too! 😉

So what do you think! Tell us what you though about this? And keep watching this space for more tips and tricks of Wedding Planning in Manipur.

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