Pushparani Huidrom in Wangkhei Phee Manipur Handloom

Show-stopping Nachom(s) spotted at Weddings aka le BRIDES!!

Nachom a traditional hair accessory is here to stay! Find out how brides are reinventing it to suit their style!

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Nachom, every Meitei-ningol’s favourite accessory has been legendarily in vogue since time immemorial. Before we show you some of our favorite slay-brides, let’s go back and know more about the originality of the Nachom!

Nachom is  a small bouquet of flowers worn in hair or tucked on the ears raising it’s standard through the scents. The assembling of a nachom plays an important role among the womenfolk and has a lot of symbolic meanings. Wearing a Nachom can mean many things. For instance, if a woman wears it on the left side, it signifies that she is single and not taken while the right side means she is spoken for or married.

A traditional Nachom consists of scented flowers and certain local foliages like the “takhellei” ( gold-spot on white and fruity  ginger lily ), chini-champra (a yellowish green, fruity, sweet smelling like sugared lemon zest or Hari Champa), Chigonglei (a small bright yellow bushy Babul tree flower or Cassie flower ), binarani (tulsi manjuri or tulsi baby leaves and unbloomed flowers) and sangbrei (a local medicinal herb with a strong mint-flavoured scent ).

In the yesteryears, Nachoms played a major role as a gift among the lovers and prospective lovers. Love Songs based on the Nachom are still hummed and remembered to this day! While in the fashion world, it has become the most sought after accessory!

While we can go on about the nachom and it’s legacy, we decided to take a step further and look at some of our favourite brides who reinvented the nachom to suit their style!

Manipuri Bride: Pushparani Huidrom
A portrait of Pushparani Huidrom as a bride!

The Melody queen’s choice of wild flowers and locally available foliages won many a heart and it did win ours too!

Epic Films Imphal Photography

Vijita’s baby breaths takes our breath away! And then the peach colored rose adds a dash  of charm over it.

Lei Nachom

This one with an almost rainbow-coloured assembled flowers with the lei-hao (Champa) giving a scent full childhood memories!

Dibyalaxmi Nachom

These ones with all white Chandramallika/chandramukhi or Chrysanthemum on the side and bottom which is heavenly pretty! Assembling her Nachom on the right side, Dibya sure is taken!

Babina Anoubam Nachom

The lone baby pink full-blown rose with a hint of green leaf is just aaa-mah-zing!!!!


This one with the scented red ginger lily Nachom give a traditional feel with a touch of originality!

Lily Nachom

This one which is simply elegant consisting of “lilies of the Incas” matching with the bride’s inaphi.

Rose Nachom

Illu’s rose nachom, a shade lighter than her rani pink ensemble is definitely a must try!


Alternate contrasting white carnations, red roses and some pinch of baby breaths doing all the talking!

Rose Nachom

Cuteness alert!! This one with a bunch of red roses on the side giving us a Valentine’s mood. (Wink!)

Yellow Nachom

This one with the yellow and white miniature flowers matched with the ensemble is so far our favourite!

There are so many brides who sported some cool nachoms and we regret for not having featured them here! Nevertheless, do tell us which one is your favourite and which one would you like to sport for your D-Day!



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