Manipuri Weddings Trends

Manipuri Wedding Trends to watch out in 2018

The last two- three wedding seasons in Manipur were quite a riot in terms of fashion trends, makeup, decor, photography and everything else! We loved it all but there are certain trends which we wouldn’t mind if it would repeat this season and the next too!

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The last two- three wedding seasons in Manipur were quite a riot in terms of fashion trends, makeup, decor, photography and everything else! We loved it all but there are certain wedding trends which we wouldn’t mind if it would repeat this season and the next too!

Wedding Decor Trends

With the Inga Weddings Season on, we listed a few Manipuri wedding trends which we would love to see this season and the season after!

Lei Nachom

Nachom Trends

The lei nachom (floral fascinators worn on the hair) was a huge favourite among the wedding goers in the last few seasons and we can’t seem to get over it so quickly!

Indigenous Wedding Decor Elements

Wedding Decor Trends Wedding Decor

Vijita’s ingenious idea of incorporating the phuk (water reed mat) and using the water Lily (tharo amubi) in her Wedding Decoration became the talk of the town. Since then we are looking out for more such ingenuity in design and style!

Styling the Tradition

Mizo Bridal Dress

Be it styling the traditional jewellery or making a statement with your intricately hand-woven puanchen! We love a twist in the tale!

Creative Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding cards set the tone of your wedding but it need not always be expensive and glittery. We can’t stop gushing about these minimal yet fancy cards from Horizon!

Dessert Bars and Cakes

Manipuriweddings: alcohol-banquet-beverage-306046Manipuri Weddings Trends

Fancy a dessert? We do! We love to indulge ourselves every now and then. And this particular dessert was a dream come true. Do check out our list of Cakers, bakers and Pastry Chefs who can make your dream come true!

Destination Weddings

Destination wedding at Sendra Resort

Destination weddings are huge trend in the wedding industry these days but we are not only for the extravagance! One particular wedding had all the elements of romance, close knit friends witnessing love and way within the budget! The Sendra Resort by Classic, Gaby’s Cafe at Tengnoupal and some of the best hotels in Ukhrul could be your destination!

Trendy Wedding Guests/Bridesmaids

Weddings are incomplete without trendy bridesmaids and fun-loving guests. They make the party alive! And boy, how much we adore them!

Fancy Wedding Parties

Engagement Party

One of the recent trends we love is these Fancy Wedding Parties! They make this beautiful milestone in life worth a fancy! Like we said, now weddings are a celebration and not just an Event that needs to be done away with.

Breath-Taking Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Manipuri Weddings fancy gowns

Gowns make the wedding for some of us! And we somewhat belong to that category of people 😉!

Creative/Artistic Wedding Photography

Manipuri Weddings Creative Photography

Manipuri Weddings Creative Photography

If we had to choose between portraiture and candid, it’s hands down candid/ creative photography for us. We love a photographers creative interpretation of our lifetime event!

Favour Box with a Traditional Touch

The Likla Heijingpot Box

heijing kharai
A heijing kharai used with an elegant sweet box @ Jimi Lairenjam’s wedding By Doney S
The Heijing kharai is an all important gift brought by the groom’s family on the day of the heijingpot. PC EpicFilmsImphal

Move away from organza pouches and plastic boxes and embrace these traditional bamboo/ water reed products! We loved these favour ideas with a traditional touch and won’t mind seeing them over and over again. It’s makes a beautiful keepsakes. Don’t you think so?

Super-Stylish Mommy(s)


Why should the young and unattached have all the fun when our mommys paved the way for us! These slay moms definitely proved they are here to rule!

Cotton Wangkhei Phee

Nostalgia and Romance in one inaphi! The cotton wangkheiphee returned to the wedding scene with a storm! Thanks to Koijam Mantri for this One!

Minimalist Makeup

We have to acknowledge, we don’t like the caky potloi makeup! And there is no hard core rule that the Bride has to look white! Thank God for our new and vibrant MUAs!

DIY Wedding Decor

Pushparani Huidrom in Wangkhei Phee Manipur Handloom

We loved and heart Sophina’s engagement decor! The Reason: She painstakingly concieved and designed the entire set up. Checkout Epic Films’ Gallery here!

Photo Booths

Heijingpot Backdrop
Heijingpot backdrop by City Tent House
Bridal Squad by Rashingam
This fancy Floral Photobooth was decorated by Florence Event Design

Thank God there’s a designated place where we can pose as much as we like! We love our wedding decorators for making this a must. Bring it on guys!

Is there anything we missed out on! Tell us what you think? We would love to hear from you.


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Our sincere thanks to Epic Films Imphal, Rashingam Ngoruh, Doney Sanasam and Samuel Haokip for the lovely pictures!

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