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How to plan a Green Wedding/Event in Manipur

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Green events are environment friendly events that focus on minimising waste and use of plastic materials during the set up of the event. As responsible citizen of this earth, we must be aware and conscious about the environment we live in, a sense of responsibility for the environment needs to be developed. With Mother Nature herself demanding the attention of its inhabitants, one way to combat pollution is to reduce the use of plastics and food waste- especially on occasions that calls for huge mass gatherings. It is one means of spreading awareness on how one can go about being environment friendly. Here’s a few tips you can go by.


Manipuri weddings Wedding Decor

But, how? Here’s how;

  • Make a list of all the areas in your event which will require the use of plastics. Use reusable tumblers, plates and decor items.
  • Make a list of the number of expected number of guest and order foods accordingly to minimise waste.
  • Put as many waste tin as you can around the premises of the event.
  • Put up a signboard near the Entrance and Exit of the Event to encourage invitees not to litter around the premises.

Here are few examples of where and how plastics can be replaced with biodegradable materials.

Replace Plastic cups

Manipuriweddings: alcohol-banquet-beverage-306046

Plastic cups can be easily replaced with paper cups which are biodegradable or just rent nice glasses and mugs.

Do away with Plastic Plates

Manipuriweddings: alcohol-banquet-beverage-306046

It can be replace with paper plates OR metal plates Or ceramic plates ( for fancy events). Even Banana leaves are good option if you are going for a Nature theme event.

Lunch is served!

Avoid Plastic Decors

You can replace plastic flowers with Dry flowers, paper flowers or fresh flowers.

No Plastic Banners Please

You can use Black/White boards, natural textile or even wooden boards.

Avoid Plastic chairs


You can use wooden/cane chairs.

Avoid Plastic Cutleries (knives, spoon, forks):


You can replace them with stainless steels.


Green weddings

A green theme event is one that is not harmful to the environment in anyways, has plenty of colour Green in it to promote awareness.

You can plan a Green Theme event / wedding by following few steps:

Avoid materials that are harmful for the environment

Green weddings: plastic usage is harmful to environment

Use a lot of natural Green colour

Use fresh flowers and woods.

wedding decor manipuriweddings

Plant a tree in the name of the event

Plant a tree on your wedding day

Gift tree seeds or a plant as a wedding favour or return gift!

gift a plant manipuriweddings


  • Provide a trash can in all corners.
  • Try self serve food stalls instead of distributing it.
  • Use biodegradable materials.
  • Collect leftovers and give it to stray animals Or give it to shelters that will be happy to receive it.

We hope you liked our ideas. If you have more ideas do share with us here.



This post was written by Jessica H Vaiphei, an ardent eco-warrior! Read more about her in our about us section.

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