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How to Plan a Budget Wedding in Manipur

Plan a budget wedding with us! The Experts at ManipurWeddings Speak!

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If you are planning a Christian Wedding in Manipur with a tight budget but don’t like to have it appear as if you had your Wedding planned overnight from your pocket money, then you must become your own wedding planner. We will share you some secret cost cutting technique that will help you save cash and still have a fabulous Wedding.

PS: Take suggestions from friends and families too.

When it comes to planning your own wedding, you need to research your own stuff! First of all get all your ideas on pen and paper or better still join Pinterest! Once you have laid down what you want then we can move on to the “how” which is the most crucial part of wedding planning.

Manipuri Weddings Pinterest Board
Manipuri Weddings Pinterest Board

Budgeting, cost-cutting, stream-lining your ideas with your in-laws and your fiancee are some of the most important things you need to get in place. Then we can move on to the execution!


  • First: Hand over the decorating task to the church!

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You are not being irresponsible by doing so, but be honest. Tell them that you do not posses enough cash to spare on decors. Or, you can simply tell them that you trust them enough to have your Wedding taken care of. Or better still, show them a Church decor which you loved during a particular event. But if there are no flowers to be reuse from past event or if they insist that you buy, then feel free to suggest them to use tissue paper flowers and curtains from your house. They are eco-friendly, saves cash and they look absolutely gorgeous!

  • Second: Skip Decor!

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There is no such thing or mandatory rules stating that a wedding hall/church must be decorated. Chill! Anyway, the Churches look better in their own solemn atmosphere.

  • Third: Rent from a Friend!

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Have only the stage decorated with flowers which you can rent from friends and family. But you have to be really smart in the execution part. Do not keep one colour flower in one place and another colour flower in another place. Instead, gather all of them together and mixed it up. Say one rose plus one sunflower plus one dahlia for each bunch. That way, it will look much more uniform and beautiful.


  • Opt for light snacks and juices instead of buffet.

Like that, you can save up to 80percent on food and beverage. But you should be really smart in your choices for food. You can try veg/ chicken rolls, pastries or sandwich. And please, make sure your foods are fresh. Everyone loves fresh food whether expensive or not .

Your Wedding Dress

  • Rent! Rent your wedding dresses.

Yes! There is no shame in doing so. There are so many Wedding Boutiques in Manipur where you can rent them. You may refer to our “Wedding Boutiques in Manipur” for any assistance where we provide boutiques that rents all necessities for Bride’s and Groom’s dresses, and also, you can expect to find Bride maids and Groom maids matching suits. Not only does it helps you cut cost on buying dresses that you will be wearing only for a day, but it also allows you to wear dresses that might be too expensive to buy from one’s own saving. I heard that some boutique even rent out designers collection. So, who’s stopping you now?


  • Ask a friend or family to help you with the Photography.

We all have that one friend with gifted photography skills, don’t we? Then, now is the time to make use of them. Request them, take them out for a dinner and tell them about your ideas of Pre wedding shoot or Wedding day shoot. They will take care of it in ways you cannot imagine. Also, it is a great opportunity for them to polish their photography skills. A win-win situation for both. Or better still check out our list of Best Wedding Photographers in Manipur and crack a deal with them!

Wedding Stationery

  • Cut cost on wedding/send off invitation card by not using a cover.

It is not always necessary to use a cover. Make sure you talk to the printing store people and request them to save a space for invitees name and addresses. Use a ribbon or a clip for an added effect.

Well, those are some techniques that we know might help you. But if you know some more, do feel free to write to us anytime. And also, do share to us some of your experiences in trying any of the above mentioned cost cutting techniques. 















Jessica H Vaiphei wrote this post for ManipuriWeddings. You can read more of her work on Instagram @mawi_ak!

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