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How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Manipur!

Our experts quip on How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Manipur and which Vendors will work!

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If you are the one in-charge for throwing a Bridal Shower for your Bestie but is not sure what to get from where, how to plan or even execute, don’t you worry! We have got that covered for you! From the Best Bridal Shower Party Props to the Best Caterers in Manipur to our Favourite Bakers, we have got some exclusive planning tips to help you win some accolades for a perfectly planned shower!

Start Planning Early

Planning a Bridal Showers in Manipur can be a little tricky. Most of the times we have to make do with things which are not up to our liking! Nevertheless, the idea is to start planning early to get everything in place.

Set a Date

Bridal Showers are always a week or two before the wedding date. So discuss with your gang and your bride-to-be for their preference. But if your gang is like mine who can’t come to a consensus until it happens, just go ahead and plan! 😉

Photographer (?)

Once you set the date, the first thing to do even before you send the invitation is to book a photographer! If you want a professional one, you will have to book way ahead. But if you plan to make it intimate then don’t bother, whoever is free can take it up!

Decide on a Theme

Deciding on a theme for your Bestie is not all that difficult. You know what she likes best. Do keep in mind that the theme will most probably decide the venue. You know what I mean! (If you need help decoding a theme, here’s a list compiled by Brides😎)


In Manipur, both indoor as well as outdoorsy theme works fine if your shower is booze-free (which we are guessing is very unlikely)! However, if you are looking to go a little wild, take it indoors.


Once you have decided on the theme and the venue, you can grab some crazy party essentials from Amazon. Just click and it will be at your door-step!


Food is one of the most important aspect of any party! But when you are planning to have a little fun it’s best to have someone else cook for you 😉! So order in! Here’s some of our favourite places to order in from.

Laxmi Kitchen

If you are looking for a proper Meitei meal then this is a favourite haunt! Flavourful food and reasonably priced. The packaging is not very conducive but yes for a good Meitei meal this is one to recommend!

Takogi Chaksung

This place has made life so convenient. You can customised your order as per your requirements. If you are heading outdoors with your gang, you can just pre-order everything and pick it up on your way to your destination. Do drop by at least a few weeks ahead. They are in high demand these days!

Likla Bakery

From cakes, pastries, puffs, muffins to fresh juices, this is our go to place for anything bakery! We simply love the hot buns. And if you are hosting a tea party this is the place you want to order food from!

Millennium Bakery

One more great option. Any party in Manipur need to have momos and macaronis! And if we are talking about evening snacking, Millennium comes with some of the best snacks you can think of!


Go fancy with their continental spread! The meat is always inevitably juicy and the tiramisu is one of the best in town!


We know we have to give this one a special treat. The bachelorette party cake is the highlight of the party! There are two or three things about cakes which really needs to be taken into consideration!

  • First, are you looking for something theme-based or general bachelorette cake with you know!
  • Second, cream or fondue? The type of design you choose will at most time decide this. However, bakers like Michelle, Elle’s, Rolling Pin Bakery and Cream and Frost are known to deliver the best with limited resources.
  • Third, quantity? This we think is the most important part of the cake decision. How much cake or dessert do you need? If you are ordering some other dessert along with the cake, cut down on the size of the cake and vice versa.

Here’s our List of the Best Bakers in Manipur!

Party Essentials

What’s a shower without these kiddish party props!

The Bridal Tiara

Tiaras are a must. You can go for those fancy ones with crystals and stones or just pick up the fun type. These are some of our favourites:

Bridal shower tiara

Party Wear Hair Accessories: Rs. 399/-

Crystal Flower and Leaves Headband: Rs. 425/-

Bride to Be Crown: Rs. 349/-

Gold Plated Crystal Bride Crown: Rs. 499/-

Pink & White Floral Tiara: Rs. 445/-

Party Propz Bride To Be Combo: Rs. 299/- 

The Sash

The sash is what makes the bride stand out from the rest! Mostly you can make this yourself but if you are running out of time, here’s some we picked out!

Sash For Bachelorette Party: Rs. 199/-

Combo of 1 Bride Eyeglasses 1 Bride to Be Hair Bands 1 Bride to Be Sash: Rs. 649/-


Bridal Shower Balloons

  1. Miss to Mrs: Rs. 499/-
  2. Love: Rs. 239/-
  3. Ring: Rs 299/
  4. Colorful balloons: Rs. 249/-
  5. Confetti balloons: Rs. 299/-

Photo booth Props

Having a Bridal shower without a photo booth! Nay! Here’s some props!

Bridal shower props

Bride to Be Photo Booth Props: Rs. 199/-

Bride-to-be Cake Topper

Most probably your baker will give you the topper along with the cake but just in case!

bridal shower cake toppers

Gold Glitter Bride To Be Cake Topper: Rs. 650/-

We hope you like our listing! Do leave us a comment if you have any queries!



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