Samuel Haokip

Meet Samuel Haokip: One of our favourite freelance Wedding Photographer!

This Wedding Photographer loves taking wedding pictures as it embodies the beauty of the avowed moments of two souls in a union, the joy and jubilations of families and the colorful medley of guests.

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One of our favourite freelance wedding photographer who has been endlessly supplying us with beautiful wedding pictures, Samuel Haokip is the founding member of Manipur Tribal Photographers’ Society. Also a registered member of Manipur Photography Club (MPC) and an active member of the Eimi Riders Manipur (ERM), he aims to encourage professional photography among the people residing in the hills of Manipur as well.

Samuel Haokip

Growing Up Years in Photography

Samuel has always been fascinated by the world of picture making but coming from a middle-class family, he couldn’t afford an opportunity to explore the art of photography seeing that photography is an expensive hobby. His passion for photography was rekindle during his post-graduate years at Allahabad Agriculture University, UP while studying for a Master in Horticulture (Floriculture & Landscaping) and he began to dabble in photography as a hobby since 2009: taking pictures with his digital camera of whatever caught his eye and attention- ranging from landscape to weddings. He began posting some of his best pictures on social media and drew the attention of friends and colleagues for its unique style of fusing ethnic and modern. After saving enough money to buy a DSLR camera worth Rs. 70,000, he began his journey as a freelance photographer. His initial years of photography has been a year of trial and errors, self-pruning his skill on the art of photography through YouTube tutorials and attending photography workshops and sessions. Eventually, his works began to receive recognition for its uniqueness and since then he has never look back.

Mixed culture Kom and Tangkhul Wedding

Samuel Haokip: the Photographer

He has photographed wide segments of the rich culture of Manipur by travelling, exploring and studying various cultures of all the districts. His first wedding Photography assignment that which brought him to the limelight was the weddings pictures he took on invitation from Mr Thonglenlal Haokip’s of Langol. And since then he became noted for his inventive compositions and style in wedding photography and have become a household name. His popularity as a wedding photographer among the Kuki-Chin- Zomi society created a niche for himself too among the groups of professional wedding photographers in Manipur.

Wedding Photography as it happens to be…

He loves taking wedding pictures as it embodies the beauty of the avowed moments of two souls in a union, the joy and jubilations of families and the colorful medley of guests. It enables him to capture that fleeting moment where there is gaiety as well as solemnity and the varied emotions that come with the frills of wedding ceremonies. He wishes that his clients and viewers to relate through his photography, a recognition of familiarity of that emotional day so that one day they would look back with fondness at this once in a lifetime moments.

For him photography is about enriching himself with new experiences, learning something new everyday and improving himself in the art of photography. Thus his personal and commissioned work is a combination of various creative bodies of works. He has been busy involving himself in a number of social and environmental-theme (as well as covering) wedding assignments of different cultures and communities. He has participated in photography exhibition held during the Sangai festivals throughout the years, Chavang Kut, Hornbill festival and other festivals held in Manipur.

Samuel Haokip

Recognised by the DIPR for his contribution in cataloging the rich culture through Traditional Attire, Samuel has come a long way in this journey.

As for his wedding photography style, his work is distinguished for envisioning creative assortments of lush outdoor rugged nature as a backdrop to capture the essence of the bridal couple in its pristine and animated ensembles.

GET IN TOUCH: Contact No. 9612913286. E-Mail: Fb page: Samuel Haokip Photography  Link:  Instagram: Samdynasty31


His clients include Kuki-chin-zomi, Meitei, Naga, Kom and Nepali communities.

He offers wedding assignments at an affordable amount, enclosing a bonus wedding album book with his own brand name unlike others have added to his client satisfaction.

 “ Samuel Haokips picture has artistically captured the true essence of a Kuki girl in its flawless and impeccable style, clean and fresh look”- Miss Veineinem Singson Ex Miss Nagaland.

“Samuel’s pictures are beautiful, perfectly highlighting the mood of us a couple against the untamed  landscape” – ISL player Seiminlen Doungel

Prince Simte “He has captured two besotted couple deeply engrossed amidst natures beauty.”

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