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Best Wedding Photographers in Manipur

Here’s some of the best wedding photographers in Manipur! Browse through their work! Arranged in alphabetical order, our list is an exhaustive collection and one of it’s kind!


The right wedding photographer is the perfect way to add to the charm of the candid portraits,  the dreamlike secluded shots or the click moments before the first look.

Adding value to your day, here is a list of some of the  best photographers (in alphabetical order), because, once in a lifetime event deserves a one in a million capture/ (to be captured by a one in a million photographer.)

Apei Tingphei Photography

Bridal Bouquet
Catch That! A favourite wedding moment among the bridesmaids!

Warm and inviting that is how simply we can describe Somipei Tingphei’s photography. A master in candid, this fun photographer is constantly outdoing himself with every picture he takes.

Asa Kshetrimayum

In an aggressively male-dominated profession, we are so proud to find Asa Kshetri who’s been capturing beautiful moments for three years now! With some really good composition skills which tells a lot more than the eye could meet, Asa is one to watch out next!

Biaklian Hauzel

The Proposal
Forget Feminism, women still love the idea of man going down on one knee!

Known mostly for his brilliant story-telling techniques, Biaklian specializes both in Photography as well as Videos. His narrative styles, creativity and techniques are one of the most sought-after in recent times.

Bikel Laimayum Photography

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Clean, Simple photos with no room for error! We like Bikel’s work for its simplicity and neatness in composition. This photographer is fast becoming a favourite among many!

Binny Longmei Photography

Award-winning Photographer, an eager soul and a story-teller! If you are looking for a documentary style photography for your wedding, he is the guy.

Doney S Wedding Photography


Along with being brilliant and natural at his craft, Doney S is one of the few photographers who would actually accommodate all your photo demands and still be able to bring out the best in every frame.

You can find out more about Doney in our interview with him.

Dindin Photography

One of the best in Documentary style wedding photography, Dindin captures spontaneous moments which leaves a smile on your face as you go through your wedding moments!

Emi Clickz, Imphal

Manipuri Bride: Pushparani Huidrom
A portrait of Pushparani Huidrom as a bride!

Perfect portraitures and sometimes documentary style photography, Emi Clickz is mostly known for their beautiful wedding videography but they are no less when it comes to capturing perfect wedding portraits!

Epic Films

Epic Films go the extra mile to know the couples i.e. their personality and styles before filming beautiful wedding films for the wedding pair. From little moments to grand gestures, Epic Films give you the opportunity to relive the day over and over again.

Hayum Pictures

Sweety and Johnny Yumnam Wedding Photo
From the Pre-wedding Shoot of Sweety and Johnny Yumnam

When ace fashion photographer joins hands with landscape photographers, something is about to happen! A fairly new group with the seasoned wedding and fashion photographers, Hayum Pictures has captured the imagination of the young blood through their artistic compositions and finesse!

Hungyon Photography

If you are looking for creative yet conventional photos and love to treasure those tiny details of your wedding day, Hungyon Photography will give you just that. Known for capturing picture perfect moments, he is another one to watch out for.

Wedding Flower
Perfecting the Details


JandIStudios is a “do not just work hard but work with passion to bring out the unique and exciting in every photograph”. A favourite in the different states of the region, the photographer duo is just unstoppable in their craft!

Michael Nongthombam

Jesh Manipuri BrideMeitei Wedding Dress

A precise and clear photographer, Michael Nongthombam is perfect at seizing the smiling moments without any ambiguity. Without a frame being titled as vague, Michael brings out the beauty in simplicity.

Your Moments Imphal


A relatively new group with a good many years of experience in fashion and wedding photography. Although we haven’t seen much of their work, the little that we saw impressed us!

Neben Ningthoujam’s Perfect Blend

Post-Wedding Shoot by Neben Ningthoujam
A Lovely Manipuri Bride and Groom
IMG_9564 PF
A Post-wedding Shoot at the Loktak Lake

If you are looking for a photographer/videographer who makes the entire process of clicking and filming the wedding journey equally fun and personal, Perfect Blend is the way to go. Perfect Blend gives you the ideal balance of colour, light & emotions.

Rashingam Ngoruh Photography

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One of the finest seasoned photographers, Rashingam Ngoruh’s best known for his concept wedding photography. As he states “Photography is the means to capture a moment in time which you cherish for the rest of your life”. And true to his principle, Rashingam is known to deliver what he believes and more!

A short profile on Rashingam is available here.

RK Aribam

Light-hearted portraitures, picture-perfect weddings photos make RK Aribam one who impresses clients and on-lookers alike.

Somba Pukh Photography

Great composition, a great understanding of colours and background and on point finishing touches. Somba’s technical expertise gives him the edge over most of his contemporary.

Sushil Tenz Photography

Sushil Tenz brings in his passion for fashion photography to give one of the finest bridal portraits. His love for colour and meticulous use of the backgrounds makes his work frame-worthy pictures to be cherished.

ZRS Image

Ridiculously talented, ZRS Image specializes not only the generic wedding photography styles but manages to bring out the soul in the pictures!

It is ‘your’ wedding day, make sure all the moments seized make you feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach even when you open to review the album on your 10th anniversary.


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