Jewellers in Manipur

Our Favourite Jewellers in Manipur

Here’s our list of reviews of our favourite jeweller in Manipur to help you ease through your wedding jewellery shopping!

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There is no denying fact that every girl loves jewellery shopping! Be it shopping for their wedding or just for their daily use, it’s a good investment option apart from being fashionable. But there is always the question of where to get what? And to ease you with that thought and trouble, we have made a list of some of the best jewellers in town! The list is in no way exhaustive and keeps changing with every season!

Kangabam Babudhon Singh

One of the oldest jeweller family in Manipur, Kangabam Babudhon Singh has ruled the jewellery market for a few decades. Although not very active now, this seasoned and amusing jeweller is one of our favourites. If you are looking for investing in some traditional stuffs then he is the person to go to. His khoi-mahum rings, the pungthon-mapan style jewellery and marei necklace (names of traditional jewellery) are exquisitely intricate and detailed!

Shree Manikumar Jewellers

A veteran and a prominent jeweller in Manipur, Manikumar boost of some of the best designs and techniques in jewellery making. Their stores both at Paona Bazar and Wahengbam Leikai is always teeming with both the latest designs as well as traditional jewellery. Check out their official website before you pay a visit.

Kangabam Pritam

Hailing from a long history of jewellery designers, Pritam’s jewellery has a touch of modern elegance! We specially love the daily use pieces which suits every personality styles.

Hemabati Jewellery House

A favourite among the youngster, Hema as the designer is popularly known, woos you with her charm in the first meeting itself. But what stands out about this jeweller is the variety of designs which is available at her disposal. She is also known for her ability to make elegant pieces within every price range.

Rabi Jewellery, Kakching

From beautiful advertisements to seasonal discounts, Ravi Jewellery hit the jewellery scene in Manipur with some of the best trend-setting designs. Giving a tough competition to many of it’s contemporary, these jeweller is reinventing traditional jewellery designs to suit contemporary taste.

Ruby Jewellery House (Jayenti)

Run by a woman of taste and elegance, Ruby Jewellery house is famous for adopting modern jewellery design and techniques. Their impeccable taste in jewellery designs makes this jewellers one of our favourites.


We are not very certain about the complete name of this Jewellery store but Piku is very popular for his traditional jewellery. He is popular for crafting one of the best traditional Khoi-mahum (bee-hive) ring designs in Manipur.


A household name and another favourite, Nabachandra’s jewellery work is exquisite and always trendy. We specially love his extensive collection of necklace which ranges from very small to heavy duty ones. A seasoned jeweller, he boost of expertise both in traditional jewellery as well as contemporary pieces!

NK Jewellery

NK Jewellery at Uripok, Near BT Overbridge is an elegant store with a very contemporary mix of designs.

Our wedding jewellery is a one-time investment. It is not only about the amount of money one puts in but more so about the value and attachment we have with these pieces, so choose wisely. Take time to think about what kind of bride you would like to be and how would like to style your jewellery before zeroing on one!

There are n-number of local jewellers and designers and the list here is just the tip of the ice-berg. Watch out this space for more on wedding jewellery shopping and Jewellery trends.

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