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Meet Samuel Haokip: One of our favourite freelance Wedding Photographer!

Samuel Haokip

This Wedding Photographer loves taking wedding pictures as it embodies the beauty of the avowed moments of two souls in a union, the joy and jubilations of families and the colorful medley of guests.

How to plan a Green Wedding/Event in Manipur

garden wedding

Green events are environment friendly events that focus on minimising waste and use of plastic materials during the set up of the event. As responsible citizen of this earth, we must be aware and conscious about the environment we live in, a sense of responsibility for the environment needs to be developed. With Mother Nature

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Newbie Pastry-chef Rajkumari Pintu is just your girl-next-door!

Cheese Cake by Cream and Frost

Newbie Pastry-chef is just your girl-next-door! Find out what inspires her and more in this quick chat with the Chef!

Venue Decorators in Manipur

Meitei Bride on her wedding day

Venue Decorators make our dream weddings a reality! From making the wedding stage to setting up a cosy space to hang out, these people can make your weddings a memorable one! 

A Quick Chat with Doney Sanasam: Everyone’s Favourite Wedding Photographer!

Doney Sanasam Wedding photography

“You should know the value of your work and the amount you charge from your client should not only reflect in the end products (photo album/ videos) but also your dedication to the art of photography itself.”

Luhongba: Meaning & Significance


The word “Lu” means “root” and “Hongba” means “change” referring to the changing of roots or clans by the woman who is being married to a man of a different clan.