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Gaby’s Café: A Perfect Gateaway in Manipur!

Gaby's Tengnoupal

Whether you are looking for a short break from your hectic schedule or an isolated destination for a pre-wedding photoshoot, post-wedding shoot, pre or post wedding party with friends and family, bridal shower, post-wedding reception, or for a honeymoon, Gaby’s Café is one resort you might want to consider! With over 300 seating capacity, landscaped

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A Rendezvous with the Talented Koijam Mantri!

Mantri Koijam 4

Koijam Mantri and his Wangkhei phi became the talk of the town after his maiden fashion show Sinnai Leichal was staged. But there is more to Mantri then the famous designer that we all know him to be!

Shoes for Grooms and Groomsmen!

Men's Shoes for Wedding Manipur

Someone smart said: “Shoes make an outfit; they are like the rims for a car!” And it’s true for both men or women. And specially when it comes to the D-Day, these shoes for the Grooms or the Groomsmen is what sets the tone of the Wedding! From shoes to be worn with a tux

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The team of Creative story-tellers and their Epic story!

“Each and every photographer come with their own narrative style!” says Robin Seram, who spoke about breaking unwritten rules and paving way for creativity!

Making Fashion a Way of Life: A quick round up with Robert Naorem

Robert Naorem Bride

“A collective fashion counsel or committee is the need of the hour.” says Robert Naorem

Likla Box: the Heijingpot achapot problem solved!

Likla bakery

“Heijingpot ki achapot phajabana Luhongba mapum phahalli” meaning “a wholesome favour box for a Heijingpot makes for a perfect wedding!” The age-old-tradition of distributing the heijing-kharai stuffed with seasonal fruits and sweetmeat during a heijingpot is invariably the most discussed element of any Manipuri wedding planning. The bride and the groom and everyone else involved

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Venue Decorators in Manipur

Meitei Bride on her wedding day

Venue Decorators make our dream weddings a reality! From making the wedding stage to setting up a cosy space to hang out, these people can make your weddings a memorable one!