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5 Simple Meitei Recipes to Woo your Wife!

This anniversary gift your wife a gift she will cherish a lifetime! Yes guys, roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Simple Meitei recipes to woo your Beloved!

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Come wedding season we are reminded of all the wedding anniversary parties that are lined up. This anniversary, make a difference by gifting your wife a gift she will cherish forever…
So yes! we would love our men to be a little more proactive in kitchen duties…
We asked Tushar Nongthombam (aka oo-morok trails) to help us find some recipes which men will love to cook and women would cherish. So here are 5 Simple Meitei Recipes you can master on the go!
Scroll down and Happy Cooking!

Nganu Thongba (Duck Meat Curry)

Everyone loves nganu thongba unless you are a vegan :D. For that special occasion, when you want to make everything special!

Meitei Yen Thongba

The classic non-veg recipe that’s suitable for every occasion is the yen thongba. Anyone can master this recipe in one go 😀 And you can cook this every day!

Oil-free Chicken with Mustard Recipe

If your wife is a health-freak and, want to impress her with some lip-smacking recipe, here’s what you do! Go the oil-free/ healthy chicken way. You can add hungaam (mustard greens) too!

Pork with Fresh Ginger on Nungbi

Easiest and simplest way of preparing pork! To be precise, this recipe is perfect for a picnic with pork lovers! So, arrange for a romantic picnic and cosy up beside the fire and have a Lovely Anniversary!

Nga Ataoba Thongba (Classic Manipuri Fish Recipe)

Why does your wife have to do all the cooking for this Ningol Chakouba? Try out this Nga ataoba thongba and give your wife extra time to groom herself!
Cooking by men among the Meiteis as well as the society at large is either considered sissy unless it is a paying job (like the bamon cooks). But the time is changing, being man enough is also about being able to accept and share household responsibilities! So roll up your sleeves and share the chores with us!
And special thanks to people like Tushar for making cooking look fun and cool!

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