Manipuriweddings Contributions


We are always looking for fresh ideas and contributions to ManipuriWeddings!

If you have some brilliant ideas about wedding planning, wedding trends or just wedding tradition, you might want to join our league. Or if you own a wedding related business and would like to advertise on our page, feel free to write to us!

Write to us about yourself, your interest in Weddings or just drop in a comment about a latest wedding you have attended and we will definitely give you an ear. You can email us your details at!

What can you Contribute to ManipuriWeddings?

Photos, Wedding Stories, Wedding Trends, New Wedding Vendors in town, Anything wedding!

Who can Contribute to ManipuriWeddings?

Photographers, writers, wedding vendors, Brides and Grooms, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, basically anyone who loves weddings!

How can one contribute to ManipuriWeddings?

Once you have decided what you want to contribute to manipuriweddings, list out the following information:

For Photo Contribution:

  • How do you want us to promote the photo? (Is it for a photographer’s profile, a makeup artist’s work or a designer’s work, a recent wedding?, etc.)
  • Mention the name of the team involved: photographer, assistants, MUA, Designers, Model, Shoot Location, etc.
  • If you are not the photographer, please get a written permission from the photographer or an email saying that he agrees to the usage of the photograph on a public platform.

Wedding Vendors:

If you are a wedding vendor, looking for a listing on our website. Please furnish the following details:

  • Name of the Business Establishment
  • Address of the Business Establishment
  • Name of the Proprietor
  • Contact Person and Contact Name
  • List down the services provided
  • Any Additional Information

Bride and Groom:

If you are a Bride or Groom and want to submit your wedding to be featured on our site:

  1. You can email us directly at
  2. You can fill up the form given below
  3. Contact our office at Wangkhei Lourembam Leikai
  4. Contact our Business Development Executive at


Terms and Conditions

  1. Any contribution made to the website will be solely used for content generation of the website and the social media pages. (If at all a requirement comes for the material to be used in print form for advertising, manipuriweddings will notify you.)
  2. Any contribution should meet the required guidelines of the website.
  3. manipuriweddings in not responsible for any pictures which are used “out of context” outside the preview of the website or our social media page. (Trolls and memes are not under our control)
  4. manipuriweddings reserves the right to publish or not publish the content submitted to us.