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5 Simple Meitei Recipes to Woo your Wife!

Manipuri Chicken

This anniversary gift your wife a gift she will cherish a lifetime! Yes guys, roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Simple Meitei recipes to woo your Beloved!

KUNDO PARENG: Of Meanings and Significance

kundo pareng

The meaning and significance of Kundo Pareng explained. Find out why the Meiteis use this opulent flower by the name of Kundo during the wedding rituals.

Nga Thaba: Setting out of the Fish in Manipuri Weddings

Manipuri Weddings Creative Photography

Like all weddings, Manipuri wedding rituals are enormous and varied. One such wedding ritual is the Nga-thaba which is performed during the ceremony itself.

Manipuri Wedding Trends to watch out in 2018

Manipuri Weddings Trends

The last two- three wedding seasons in Manipur were quite a riot in terms of fashion trends, makeup, decor, photography and everything else! We loved it all but there are certain trends which we wouldn’t mind if it would repeat this season and the next too!

Making Fashion a Way of Life: A quick round up with Robert Naorem

Robert Naorem Bride

“A collective fashion counsel or committee is the need of the hour.” says Robert Naorem

One for the cause of Manipur Handloom

Imphal Handloom

For someone who ditched her books for the loom: Eche Jibonmala of Imphal Handloom is an inspiration when it comes to following your passion!